Mia's Kooky Caravan

We’re off travelling with Mia and her luxury caravan! Hook up the car and load the suitcases, sit her at the wheel and put her little dog in the back seat. Off we go on an adventure! It doesn’t matter which destination you choose; Mia has everything a KookyLoos may need when she travels. After an activity-filled day she can relax in the jacuzzi or read a book on the sofa next to her French bulldog... When night falls, you can sit her around the fire eating marshmallows, or her bed is ready for her to rest and get up full of energy the next day! Space isn’t a problem in Mia’s caravan. Under the cooker there’s a cupboard for storing things and, if you open the part above the bed, there’s also space to put kitchen utensils. You can also turn the cooker into a table! Leave the suitcases at the top of the caravan until she’s going to need them again to continue her journey. When the time comes, put everything inside, hook up the car with the luggage … and off you go on another adventure!


  • Caravan
  • Car
  • Kitchen utensils (cup, glass, coffee pot…)
  • Seat
  • 2 suitcases
  • Accessories (chair, candlesticks…)
  • Exclusive doll
  • Exclusive pet